June 18, 2011

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Philosophers have said “ life is a journey from the concrete to the abstract”. Thus , there is an urge to plunge deeper into the traditional canvas of GOND ART, a contemporary art form where you first observe, then adapt and actualize the process of accumulating and appreciating art in its varied forms.

It is here that Must Art Gallery breaks away from its co brethrens and chooses to specialize on the Traditional  Art Form straight from the heart of Central India. Gond Art Paintings, as known by  all art lovers, get absorbed through the senses and gradually envelops the heart and the soul with its warmth and valor. Must Art Gallery adorns its collection of passion on GOND ART PAINTING. We aspire to make it a priceless treasure trove for the passionate art lovers. We have embarked on our journey with great humility and unlimited enthusiasm.

With uniqueness in our approach we shall walk through the kaleidoscope of time adding pages to this venture of ours. As we see our brain child flourish, your contribution as an ardent admirer of GOND ART  will be no less interesting than the collection itself. We promise to make this gallery a living identity throbbing with life ,not just an assimilation of technological advancements.

Must Art Gallery promises to see and feel with its heart. Just put out your hand and walk with us. The world of Must Art Gallery awaits your grand arrival…. visit

June 15, 2011

Petit Pierre & The Rest Of Us

Here and there, now and then, a charmed being comes along to remind the rest of us what we are capable of if we get our priorities straight…

Petit Pierre Avezard, one of those beings, began in 1937, devoted nearly 40 years, and created the Fabuloserie to amuse and astonish. Petit Pierre succeeded.

more video (careful, this one is really loud for some reason):


June 11, 2011

Elliott Erwitt :: Six Decades

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From the Andrew Smith Gallery

Elliot Erwitt, 1963

Elliot Erwitt, 1963

Elliott Erwitt • Six Decades
October 13 – November 20, 2006Elliott Erwitt’s timeless photographs of ordinary life, beach scenes, celebrities, children and dogs have delighted viewers for decades. According to Henri Cartier-Bresson, “Elliott has to my mind achieved a miracle working on a chain-gang of commercial campaigns and still offering a bouquet of stolen photos with a flavor, a smile from his deeper self.” At age 77 Erwitt has culled through sixty years of his work and chosen what he considers to be his very best photographs. These ebullient images, many of which have not been published before, reflect the vast scope of the wittiest photographer of our time. Andrew Smith Gallery will have approximately 25 of Erwitt’s photographs representing many phases of his long career, including several photographs taken in New Mexico in the 1960′s.

June 10, 2011

David Hockney: At Work — Animated Slideshows

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Hockney Road to Thwing

Hockney: Road to Thwing

here’s some slideshows of David Hockney at work:

Publications: TV / Video

It’s quite interesting to see Mr. Hockney assemble murals from multiple canvases painted separately, in plein air.

The site offers a generous sampling of his work, too: