November 3, 2011

Know how?

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pegasus sculpture

feel honored to witness someone practice a craft. It gladdens me to see someone create something useful and permanent with their hands, backs, and brains. It seems we do not honor such work, or the crafts that require such work as much as we should. Maybe because we have the Internet at our fingertips on “smart” phones, maybe it is because we bury the planet in mass-produced, injection-molded, plastic widgets that mimic the results of true craft but with none of the exquisite visual and tactile subtlety; none of the unique imperfections and flourishes that distinguish a product of human hands. Compare one plastic Jesus to another, and there are no distinguishing characteristics that might prompt you to conclude one was made by craftsman X, and the other by craftsman Y, or craftsman X created Jesus #1 early in his career, and Jesus #2 in his waning days.

If we remain perpetually connected to the Internet, are we perpetually disengaged, too? Does access to instant and infinite reminders of intimidating masterworks of others perpetually discourage us from creating our own solid, non-virtual artifacts of our existence — irrefutable, non-photoshop-able proof of our existence?

I have no idea, but I wish every day I would see more men and women creating (nearly) permanent things instead of buying throw-away things. Or staring at “smart” phones.

If knowledge is power, know-how is power at work. And that is nice to see. Civilization needs know-how.