January 26, 2010

Featured Images, Events, Audio & Video

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What’s up with the Slideshow and the “What, When, Whereevents box on the artifizz home page?

Those are “featured” images and events. We offer members the opportunity to feature their works or events on the home page at any time — that is, when you’ve go something new to show, or a gallery opening or craft fair to tout, or you just want more exposure.

The cost is nominal: US$2  locally, US$4  globally per week, discounted if you buy more than two weeks. You can feature an image or an event for two, four, or eight weeks. (And then do it again — there are no restrictions on how many times you can feature something.) Images will appear in the slideshow in the order in which they are featured, oldest first, newest last. Here’s the pricing by week:

  • 2 Weeks: US$4 US$8
  • 4 Weeks: US$6 US$13
  • 8 Weeks: US$10 US$23

Videos and music can also be featured on artifizz. Those features will appear on our audio/video page, which you get to from the home page menu, under “Media” or from the sidebar by clicking “Video/Music.”

And don’t forget, when you received approval of your artist listing, you also received a “promo” code for a four week, regional “feature” of one of your works in the home page Slideshow, or one of your events in the “What, When, Where?” box on the home page.

To apply the promo code, navigate to the page where you upload photos, video, or music for your works, or where you listed an event on your artist page, and click “Feature On Our Home Page” (next to the photo or event listing) — an opportunity to enter the code will follow, and you will not be charged.

Of course, when you feature something, you can be pretty sure we’ll tweet it and share it on facebook, etc. (but no guarantees).

Here’s a step-by-step procedure:

  1. sign in to the site
  2. click “Click Here to Modify Your Profile”
  3. click “Edit Your Artist Information and Content”
  4. click one of the following:
    1. “Your Work” if you want to feature an artwork photo or video
      1. click “photo” or “audio/video” for that artwork
    2. “Your Photos” if you want to feature a general artist photo (yourself, studio, etc.)
    3. “Your Videos” if you want to feature a general artist video (videos will show up on our audio/video page)
    4. “Your Events” if you want to feature an event that you will participate in (a gallery opening, etc.)
  5. Beside the photo, video, or event title, you should see “Feature On Our Home Page.” Click it.
  6. Select the date on which you want to begin the “feature.”
  7. Select the duration for which you want to feature the photo, audio/video, or event — 2, 4, or 8 weeks.
  8. If you have one, enter your promotional code. (The promo duration will be fixed at 4 weeks, regardless of what you enter in the duration field.)
  9. Click “OK.”
  10. You will see a confirmation screen — click “OK.”
  11. If you have used a promo code, you are done, and should see a “Success…” screen.
  12. If you are purchasing the feature, you will be navigated to a PayPal screen. Follow the PayPal instructions to proceed.

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