January 26, 2010

how an artist gets started on artifizz

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Here’s the procedure to get an artist started on artifizz:
(this is evolving, so your feedback is appreciated — add your comments to this post)
(Use Google Translate on the lower left of site pages [upper right of this and the home page] to translate, if that helps.)

You can read more about the site here:

and here:

1) Sign up: you need to create a unique user id and password that will give you access to the site (

1a) Be sure to select “Artist Role” if you are an artist

1b) We also encourage you to enter your city and country (or, state in the U.S. so that your region will be selected when you log in — the region appears near the top of every page, click it to change to another region, or select all)

2) Create your artist listing:

2a) Go to your “Profile” page (there is a link on the page that follows sign in, “Click here to modify your profile,” or you can click “Your Profile” at the bottom of every page)

2b) Click “Register An Artist

2c) Fill in all of the pertinent details of your art life

  • We encourage you to be creative with the info that enter for “Philosophy” and “Background” — you want persuade visitors to take an interest in you and your work!

2d) Click “Submit

2e) You will return to your “Profile” page

(After you click submit, you’ll have to wait a bit before your information goes public — we approve each new listing.)

2f) Click “Edit Artist Information and Content

artifizz artist profile screenshot 1thru5

2g) Here, you can:

  1. review the details of your artist listing (if necessary, click on the artist name to edit your listing)
  2. upload biographical photos (not artworks — artwork photos go in artwork listings — upload photos of yourself, your studio, your inspirations, etc.) Click “Photos” to upload photos. Click “Videos” to upload videos
  3. upload a logo for your artist listing (and business cards — see below
  4. click “Biz Cards” to create business cards with your artist info on them — you print them yourself — they will include the logo that you uploaded above
  5. click “Your Events” to add or edit upcoming events related to your work (you can also “feature” them on the home page)

3) Upload artwork (remember, each work will have a unique listing):

3a) Go to your “Profile page,

3b) Click, “Edit Your Artist Information and Content

artifizz artist profile screenshot work

3c) Click “Your Work” to add an art work

3d) Click “Register a Work” (at the bottom of the page) and enter the description, media type, etc.

– Be sure to select a media type

– Be sure to select the “Sales Status” for that work, either

  • For Sale
    • If you choose this option:
    • you must enter the price of the work and shipping info
    • you must have a PayPal account with an e-mail that matches the one you used to sign up
  • Sold
  • Contact Us To Purchase

3e) Click “Submit” — you will return to the list of your works:

artifizz artist profile works screenshot

  1. Click the name of the work to edit the description, etc.
  2. Click “~~~ photos ~~~” and upload your images for that specific work.
  3. Click “~~~ audio/video ~~~” and upload your music or video for that specific work (if the work is music or video)
  4. Click “~~~ writing ~~~” and upload your text (if the work is a story, essay, or poem)
  5. Click “Register A Work” to show another art or craft work
  6. Click “Back” to return to your artist info page


A detailed example is here: “How to create an artwork listing



Click “~~~ photos ~~~” and upload your images for that specific work.

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