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artifizz offers artists and art venues full-time exposure, regional focus, and global access; it creates synergy across varied disciplines: sculptors discover inspiration in paintings, painters in photography, photographers in poetry...

Our regional focus places every artist, and art venue (gallery, arts organization, performance venue, art school, art museum, or art fair) in a geographical context. This allows visitors to discern the influence imposed on art by location. For fans, regional focus offers a chance to support artists in their own neighborhood; to amplify the vibrancy of their local art scene. On our region selection page, enter the name of a village, town, or city and you’ll see the region it belongs to along with the artists, art venues, and events that enliven the scene in that region.

artifizz will also bring visitors daily news updates of global art doings -- news items culled from newspapers, art journals, art venues, and blogs.

The calendar of events presents a fresh and relevant menu of happenings to see and do.

artifizz welcomes artists, visitors, gallery owners -- everyone -- to vote their approval of artwork that delights or provokes them. So, the cream always floats to the top. But we never reveal the vote results. No artist needs to have the whole world see how many votes they did or didn’t get. Higher ranked works simply float to the top of category lists. New arrivals get a chance too: an artwork’s votes eventually expire. So, new selections can reach the same pinnacle as earlier arrivals.

To further enhance exposure, we encourage members to “feature” artworks or events in their own region or globally. This places that image or event listing on the home (or audio, or video) page for a specified period. The cost is nominal: $2 locally, $4 globally per week (discounted if you buy more than two weeks). Find more info on our Help! page

As an expression of our gratitude, we send four promotional codes for photo, video, audio, or event features of your choice along with your page approval e-mail when you sign up.

Read our blogs and discussion forums, too. In the blog, members are encouraged to share thoughtful essays and reviews; in the forums, discuss important topics or ask questions.

Artists and galleries can sell their work on artifizz. We charge a 10% commission after customer shipping and PayPal fees are deducted. PayPal charges 2.9% + $1.30 for each transaction. We hope our members and visitors can see clear to grant us a commission. We anticipate only modest proceeds, and artifizz represents a significant undertaking -- over 30,000 lines of software comprise the site. Lots of moving parts; all require ongoing maintenance. Help us keep them moving with occasional features and artwork sales.

By the way, we never require exclusive representation -- we show links to your website, facebook page, and twitter on your artifizz pages so visitors can visit your home site and social media pages to learn more about you. Feel free to sell your artwork on other sites. But we hope you will give us a chance to earn your satisfaction and loyalty.

Our aim is to enhance and invigorate the art scene, promote interdisciplinary inspiration, and funnel much needed prosperity to the art visionaries who make our lives more rich and meaningful. One last thing: we (try to) power our site with green, renewable energy.

Join us!

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No pressure, but if you can spare some pocket change it will buy our eternal gratitude. Thanks!
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