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Petrit Halilaj

Yes but the sea is attached to the Earth and it never floats around in space. The stars would turn off and what about my planet?,

exposition personnelle, 6 rue du Pont de Lodi, Paris.

Installation. Techniques mixtes (terre, branches, feuilles mortes, pierres, savon)

Begins: 10/18/2014
Ends: 11/22/2014
by: Galerie Kamel Mennour
Paris France

Fragments Exposition personnelle de Rachel Rom

La Galerie E.G.P présente Fragments , une exposition personnelle des photographies de l’artiste Rachel Rom, du 24 octobre au 20 décembre 2014.

Les photographies de Rachel Rom évoquent les images fixes d’un film en noir et blanc dont les personnages, souvent flous ou distants, se révèlent au spectateur tout en se dérobant à son regard. ...

Begins: 10/24/2014
Ends: 12/20/2014
by: Galerie E.G.P.
Paris France

Ed Fraga :: Tabula Rasa

Who knoweth if to die be but to live, and that called life by mortals be but death?

My work has taken on a process of reduction and simplification of both color and subject matter. Veils of white wash over color. Images emerge and at times dissolve. Some of the material I have chosen to paint on is impermanent, such as blueprint paper, newspaper, a plastic shower curtain and recycled glassine. The ritual act of painting on these materials is akin to the mandala sand painting practice by Buddhist monks.

...a rite of healing, summoning spirits to come and go.

Begins: 10/25/2014
Ends: 11/29/2014
by: Re:View Contemporary Gallery
Detroit MI United States


Granum Sinapis bezieht sich auf das „Senfkornlied“ des wegen Häresie (Ketzerei) angeklagten, spätmittelalterlichen Mystikers Meister Eckhart. Es gilt als schönstes Zeugnis dionysischer Mystik in deutscher Sprache und ist inspiriert vom Gleichnis des Senfkorns, dass das kleinste aller Samen ist, aus dem jedoch das Größte, nämlich ein Baum wächst, in dessen Ästen „alle Vögel des Himmels nisten können“.

Begins: 11/15/2014
Ends: 12/20/2014
by: Contemporary Fine Arts
Berlin Deutschland

Delray :: Beyond Isolation

Opening reception: Friday, November 21, from 5-9 PM

WDET 101.9 and Galerie Camille are pleased to present Delray : Beyond Isolation. The exhibition will feature 30 photographs from Karpov & audio stories by Laura Herberg, that explores the daily life of normal people: business owners and laborers, families and children living in the small isolated area that is Delray. What is life like now? After the factories, the jobs, the schools and residents vanished.

Begins: 11/21/2014
Ends: 11/29/2014
by: Galerie Camille / WDET
Detroit MI United States

Brent Wadden :: Pit Pony

a second solo exhibition with Brent Wadden.

The exhibition will be on view from 22 November, 2014 - 10 January, 2015.

Opening: Saturday, 22 November, 2014, 6 - 9 PM.

Brent Wadden (b. 1979, Nova Scotia, Canada, lives and works in Berlin and Vancouver) earned his BFA at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Recent exhibitions include Be Mysterious, Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff Centre (Canada); The Decline, Almine Rech Gallery, Brussels; Abstract America Today, Saatchi Gallery, London; Mingei: Are You Here? curated by Nicolas Trembley, Pace Gallery, NYC.

Begins: 11/22/2014
Ends: 01/10/2015
by: Peres Projects
Berlin Deutschland

Amorphous: Carbon-based Paintings by Ian Boyden

Please join us for Washington-based multi-media artist Ian Boyden's first Detroit exhibition. The paintings in this series are made using carbon materials from different sources including chimney soot, meteorites, and destructive forest fires. An artist lecture will be given as well.

Opening December 4 from 6-9pm

Begins: 12/04/2014
Ends: 01/08/2015
by: Galerie Camille
Detroit MI United States

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