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Begins: 06/21/2014
Ends: 08/09/2014
by: Susanne Hilberry Gallery
Ferndale MI United States

OPEN CALL TO ARTISTS/PHOTOGRAPHERS! The Selfie Show: An Art Exhibition of Self-Portraits!events/cbpa

Just submit one really great self-portrait photograph/jpeg to the Museum of New Art (MONA).


1) You don’t have to take the photo specifically for this event, you can use any self-portrait of yourself. Just send the best and most unique you have.

2) You may only upload 1 photo: jpeg dimensions rough guideline 300dpi or 2-3mb in size.

3) Cellphone 'selfies' may be submitted - even at a lower resolution - however, the image itself must be 'great' and/or unique in its quality as a self-portrait.

4) Please include your name and current place of residence.

more info at the link

Begins: 07/01/2014
Ends: 09/01/2014
by: Museum of New Art--Photography & New Media
Troy MI United States

Malanie Manos A Heightened State

Manos presents an installation of large and small works, depending on your perspective. Manos’ new body of work encompasses mixed-media collage from both digital and non-digital sources in concert with video projection, sculpture, and performance. From these various works—all involving combinations of the body and structural elements—a suggested universe emerges that includes the real, the surreal, and the absurd.

Begins: 07/12/2014
Ends: 08/09/2014
by: Re:View Contemporary Gallery
Detroit MI United States

THE GAO BROTHERS!gao-brothers/c1bnf

Opening Reception:
Saturday 13-Sep

Beijing-based artists the Gao Brothers have since the middle of the 1980s acquired their reputation thanks to innumerable artworks and projects of a political nature and humanitarian stance. Dissident and controversial, the Gao Brothers are some of those artists who personally experienced the events of the Cultural Revolution, by which they have been deeply affected. Their art develops in the post-Mao era and questions the role of the individual within society, bringing to light social issues and delving into the complex nature of human beings. ...

Begins: 09/13/2014
Ends: 10/17/2014
by: Museum of New Art--Detroit Gallery / Galerie Camille
Detroit MI USA

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